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∞ Fastest Ways To Download YouTube Videos for FREE [Ultimate List]

can't download Youtube Video's here are Fastest ways to download YouTube Video's for Free!
 So far, I’ve found about working methods to get videos from YouTube. Check them out.First of all, if you have already watched the video fully, you don’t need to download it. It’s already there, saved in your system, you only need to access it with a software called Unlocker. A few more steps and you got the video saved. This method is described in detail here.

Java might be required for some sites or apps.You can get it from here. To play YouTube videos, you can use VLC Player

Sites :

Insert Into URL :

For these sites, all you have to do is to insert a part into the YouTube URL to go to the download page.
The rest of the files are quite the same.Here are some:
1 - SaveYouTube : Formerly known as (Kissyoutube) , supports HD Download.
2 – Det URL : (…), redirects you to a site with much download options to download and convert using other services. Has a nice Bookmarklet tool.
3 - WantYouTube : (…..) Requires Java , supports All Downloads including MP3
4 – Keep-Tube : (….) requires java. supports HD and .MP3 . Got addon and bookmarklet.

Download And Convert :

These sites can let you download the file converted already!
1 – Clip Converter : My top can download the file converted already ( or not ) , QR Code ,browser addons and bookmarklet. no java or any requirements.
2 – Zamzar : You can get a link converted and get a download link to your mail.

Online Direct Download Services:

These sites can help you get the download task done for you.
1 – TubeKeeper : Java Based.Supports HD Downloads.
2 -  SaveTube : Java Based.Supports download as HD or mp3.
3 – SaveFrom : Supports HD , quick download links for 40+ web pages , Extension and bookmarklet for quick download.
4 – KeepVid : HD Support. Requires java for mp3 download.
5 – SaveVid : Requires Java, supports HD Download. Works best on chrome.
6 – YouConvert : Requires Java.Supports HD and Audio download. don’t close the page while downloading.
7 – YouConvertIt: Requires java. Might not work for some videos especially HD.
8 – SaveVideoDownload : Requires Java. Supports download as .FLV , .MP4 , .webm.
9 – DownloadYouTubeVideo : Java Based. Only FLV Supported.
PS : get_video doesn’t seem to work anymore for YouTube , so there were other sites that were using it don’t work any more.

Addons , Toolbars , Boomarklets and Userscripts:

Addons (Firefox , Chrome and others)

1 – Easy YouTube Video Downloader : (Firefox) Instant download links for FLV, HD , MP3.
2 – NetVideoHunter : ( Firefox ) A button added in the navigation bar ( next to the navigation buttons ).
3 – SoThink Web Video Downloader :(Firefox) . Button in navigation bar flashes when captures video.
4 – Best Video Downloader : (Firefox) After install, adds a drop down menu under the video with different download choices.Including (HD , MP3.. )
5 – Video Download Helper : (Firefox) . A very powerful Button in the navigation bar. with options to download HD , Powerful converter…. and much more .
6 – KeepTube: (Firefox) Navigation bar button directs you to KeepTube Page with the download options.
7 – Flash Video Downloader : (Firefox) Navigation bar with choice of different qualities.
8 – YouTube Download : ( Chrome ) . Adds drop down menu under the video for quick download.
9 – helper : ( Chrome , Firefox , Opera , IE , Maxthon )
10- ClipConverter : ( Chrome , Firefox , Safari ) . navigates you to the page to choose download and conversion options.
More for FireFox


1 – Download YouTube Videos : Toolbar buttons let you download YouTube videos in HD.
2 – YouTube By Click :Toolbar buttons with single clicks to download Video or MP3.
3 – Vixy Freecorder : Nice toolbar with audio recorder and YouTube download support.


To use bookmarklets. just drag and drop the links to your bookmarks bar, and click them when you’re on the video page
PwnYouTube | WantIt | KeepTube | ClipConverter | KeepVid |  SaveFrom


UserScripts need GreaseMonkey for Firefox , no requirements for Chrome.
1 – YouTube Save as : DropDown Menu Under the video.Includes Saving as HD or Mp3.
2 – Another YouTube Downloader : Download Button under youtube videos with different qualities.
3 – Download YouTube Videos as MP4 : Download Options under video, Including FLV , MP4.
4 – YouTube Video Download Revived : Download Under Video with HD Support.
5 – YouTube Multi-Downloader : Different download Options under video. HD Supported.
6 – Youtube – Show download link : Download Link above video. HD Supported.
7 – MyTubeDownloader : Download Links below video.HD Supported.
8 – – EZ Download : Download links in bottom right of the page. HD Supported.
9 – YouTube Video Download : Download Links below video . Different Quality supported.
10 – ClipConverter : Directs you to ClipConverter to pick download and conversion options.
More can be found here


Download Only

1 – Internet Download Manager : The best and easiest to use.But unfortunately it’s not free.
2 – Real Player : Not just a media player, also inserts download links in web pages for quick download.
3 – Songr : A desktop music search engine.Supports downloading from YouTube as well.
4 – YouTube Song Downloader : Search and download from YouTube as video or mp3.
5 – SnowFox YouTube Downloader HD : Made specially for downloading HD Videos.
6 – Ares Tube : Built-in Browser that supports download files converted already.
7 – FreeRapid : A downloader for file sharing services ( Including YouTube ) . Requires java.
8 – jDownloader : like the above.
9 – Orbit Downloader : like the 2 above. except it’s not based on java.
10 – Xilisoft Download YouTube Video : A video downloader by Xilisoft, Supports batch downloads.
11 – TubeSucker : Download YouTube Videos, Converting is in pro version only
12 – YouTube HD Transfer : Made for downloading HD videos,supports extracting audio.
13 – UltraGet Video Downloader : Downloads videos from YouTube and other sites.
14 – VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader : A mini browser with download buttons for YouTube.
15 – Free YouTube Download : A small YouTube downloader with downloading format options.
16 – GetGo YouTube Downloader : A user friendly YouTube downloader.
17 – GetGo Download Manager : A download manager with strong support for YouTube downloads.

Download and Convert

1 – Mobile Media Converter : More than just a perfect converter for mobile media files. Downloads YouTube videos as well.
2 – Any Video Coverter : A very popular free video converter , with YouTube download supported.
3 – YouTube Downloader : Download from YouTube, with a toolbar and a very good converter as well.
4 – YouTube Downloader : A small downloader with some conversion options.
5 – Free Video Utility : A downloader with some nice video conversion options.
6 – TubeMaster++ : Open source that can download videos and convert as well.
7 – vDownloader : Well known for download videos from YouTube with a good converter too.
8 – Freemake YouTube Video Downloader : A video downloader and converter with HQ support.
9 – YouTube Downloader : A downloader and converter with options to cut parts of video.
10 – Video Download Studio : Download, Convert , Trim , Good free version.
11 – xVideoServiceThief : Batch download from YouTube with converter to most popular formats.
12 – Miro : Open source that lets you play, download  and convert YouTube videos.

Other Lists

Here is a list of some sites with many other YouTube downloaders.

Downloading Video's on Your Android Device

Download YouTube videos with your mobile phone browser.

  1. Search for the video you want to download like as “THE HOBBIT” 
  2. Tap the YouTube link; by default your mobile phone will prompt 2 options: Browser or YouTube. Chose “Browser” because we need to get the YouTube video link
  3. Tap “Menu” + “Go to URL”, the YouTube URL should appear Copy it with your mobile phone.
  4. Go to a website 
  5. Paste this YouTube address on the Search Box and hit Enter 
  6. Slide down and Tap “›› Download ‹‹ (video.mp4 – High Quality)“. This will open a new window and download the MP4 in your browser history.

Use app to download YouTube video on android phones.

one of the Greatest Application for downloading YouTube Video on Your Android Device is TubeMate YouTube Downloader

So, which is your favorite method? How did you find the list. If you know more of these apps, addon or sites which are not included in the list above, then do share with us in the comments below.

Thanks For Suggestion!

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