Saturday, March 30, 2013

TypeRacer Hack to Get to the Speed of 266 WPM

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TypeRacer was launched in March 2008, and claims to be the first multiplayer typing game on the web.Site users compete by racing miniature cars that advance as the users type short passages of 20 to 100 words.Accuracy is required; any typing errors in words have to be fixed before continuing with the race. but using a small VBScript Program we can hack TypeRacer and can gain to the Speed of 266 WPM (Words Per Minute). there are many articles, videos that claim that they can hack TypeRacer but reality is that not a single program is made till now that can hack TypeRacer , but this VBScript Really works

Without Wasting Much of the time Let's Get Started!

  1. VBScript program (minimized)
  2. One Browser (that can able to run multiple tabs at once)
Follow these Steps:
  1. Open This Website in One Tab .
  2. Open TypeRacer in another Tab.
  3. Open Notpad and Paste this Code and Save it as "AnyName.vbs" in a Blank Folder which should be Minimized.
  4. Join Race, Memorize First Three Letters and Go to First tab Press CTRL + F to find and type Find First Three Letters. when you find it just Click on Phrase Copy full Phrase.
  5. Paste the whole Phrase in the inputbox of that program.
  6. Move back to Race and just Tap the text bar and press OK and click back to text bar.
  7. Sit back and relax for some seconds.
  8. Congratulations! You have Successfully won !
  That was Little bit complicated!?! isn't it was? well, I have also ScreenCast all this stuff and Posted on YouTube well You can Watch it Right Below :) 


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