Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to Install and Run Android in PC [Windows and Linux]

The mobile smartphone and tablet industry seems to have a very prominent divide, with a lot of consumers having their favorite operating system and choosing to stick to hardware which is powered by their chosen OS. Obviously fans of Apple’s iOS use the iPhone and iPad devices, whereas Android lovers have a wide range of hardware to choose from due to the fact that the OS is available to multiple manufacturers.
Here are Some Steps Given to Install Android On Your PC.

Step 1: Install official Oracle VM VirtualBox Go Here & download the relevant VirtualBox binary for your computers operating system (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/Solaris)

Step 2: Find the saved location of the downloaded VirtualBox and install on your PC by following all screen prompts and instructions.

Step 3: Now Download a copy of Android v4 Ice Cream Sandwich it is of size 88MB so the download may take some time depending on your connection.

Step 4: Locate the downloaded ‘Android-v4.7z‘ file and extract the contents of it.

Step 5: Once the Android-v4.7z file has been opened, locate a file called ‘Android-v4.vbox‘ which can be directly opened in Virtualbox
Step 6: Double click on the Android-v4.vbox file which will load the VirtualBox application and boot up the ICS file.
Step 7: When the boot menu is presented in VirtualBox, press ‘start‘ on the top toolbar and then if required select the ‘Android Startup from /dev/sda‘ option.

Step 8:
All steps are complete. Android 4.0 ICS should now be booting up allowing you to enjoy that Android in your PC, It just look like a TABLET

Lets Watch a Video on How to Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.O on PC


  1. Where to download jellybean OS?

    1. You Can Download Android 4.0 Using This Link:

  2. Can we Install Any '.APK' on it?