Friday, February 22, 2013

Hack Windows System Ratings

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Are you ever having problem with you system showing lower ratings than you expected then here comes the solution using this hack you can  change your windows 7 rating to any value you want. There is some programs and games which will check the windows 7 rating as the tool for checking their minimum system use this hack, share and enjoy...

You can just download this tool and change system ratings to your desired ratings!


or this dose'nt work you can do it manually.

Follow these Steps

1. Open My Computer and navigate to-


& look for the latest XML file “Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT”

2. Copy that xml file and save it to your desktop.

3. Open the copied XML with Notepad.

4. Look for the lines that says











5. Now change the numbers between the < ></ > with anything you like then save it.!!

6. Now go and delete the original xml file & copy the edited one to the Data Store folder.

That’s all. You’ve just learned how to hack system rating and hacked your system rating as well…

To see the change open up Control Panel>Performance Information and Tools.

Note: There is a limit for the scores, to 5.9 in Vista, 7.9 in Win 7 & 9.9 in Win 8.So, don’t select the score more than the limit otherwise everyone ‘ll come to know that it is fake….

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  1. Wow. Thats really amazing software. Is is totally free or we will have to pay for it later? 2nd rating will be permanent or we can change the rating later again using this software?