Thursday, May 23, 2013

Instantly improve your English (No Brain Required!)

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You Might be wondering that what this topic is doing on this Blog, but actually this topic have great importance for this Blog as i will not give you any tips for improving your English but yet i will Just Improve your Level of Vocabulary which you use in Writing E-Mail's, Reports or any part of document on internet! while sending out emails or replies to your client if you use high level of vocabulary, you will have a long lasting impact on their minds of you or your will certainly increase your goodwill.

but problem is, Learning Good Words is not simple as a Apple Pie you may have to invest many time and not only time money is also a major factor in to learn good English!

But Not to worry as the most promising friend Mr.Computer and Mr.Internet is there to improve your Vocabulary in Less that 5 Minutes!

Just you have to do is move on to article-rewriter is a Great Tool on Small SEO Tools. which will instantly improve your Standard of English! this tool is made for the People like me who writes article but still you can use it for anything like E-Mail's, Report or any sort of document!

Just copy your aricle on the workspace for this Web-tool.

 Tap Next and Some Good Possible Suggestion Will Be Processed.

After Generating Suggestions it will It will automatically suggest you some good vocabulary but still you can replace any generated suggestion from any provided choices or you can also replace that word by tapping on colored (changed) word.

after been through with your article you can click on next and select all the phrase and use it where ever you want to use it.

Cheers! Now you have Improved your English without spending any penny or wasting any of you time.

well there are many article re-writers on internet like SpinBot,  EzArticleLink and Perfect SEO Tools you can use them as alternative to this awesome tool.

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