Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 Awesome ways to Boost up your Wi-Fi Range

one of the popular problem with Wi-Fi is with it's range! i have been researching on various ways how to increase Wi-Fi Range so that i can surf get access to any of the corner of my house and yes i have succeeded i have founded very awesome 2 ways to give a drastic boost in range of wifi without changing your Wi-Fi Router.

 so, Let's Get Started!

1. Establishing up Repeaters through wireless activated Windows Machines.

it is one of the greatest way to spread your Wi-Fi through any particular physical parameters.we would make our clients to host the Wi-Fi too, cant understand? let me rephrase my Laptop is connected with Wi-Fi and i will make it to share that WiFi this surely increase the range of my WiFi as I have to different access points at a certain distance.

for that we will use a 3rd Party Software "Connectify Me",

Download - Connectify Me

and instruction to use this is quite simple, Just connect your Device which will work as a Repeater to Wi-Fi and choose from "Internet to Share", Set a Password, a Hotspot Name, Click on "Start Hotspot". you're done with!

Awesome ways to Boost up your Wi-Fi Range

2. Establishing up Repeaters through old wireless routers.

well, if you have any old wireless router or can buy one you can make your Wi-Fi Signal's boost! well i not have any old wireless router, i know this as i have researched about it, if you have one and willing to make it as a repeater you can follow up


it's a nice article!

3. Using a Coke or Beer Can!

now on to the people who doesn't have another Laptop or old wireless router. well i have also one way for you! i am sure you will wonder if i would say just buy a coke or a beer and make your Wi-Fi Range up! and it really works! Sit Back, Take a Coke and Enjoy this video, Extend your Wi-Fi Range!


  1. OMG i was shocked to see the point "Using a Coke or Beer Can!". Man it is awesome :D