Sunday, November 3, 2013

Build your own Browser within few clicks

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Building a browser is not kid's play, or may be.. it is! yes, you can have your own browser with your own photo as a logo on it and with your own preferences... i have been requested to write a review on this through a mail i have received and when i have gone through that website, i think that yes.. i should blog about this. well it will take you only three steps and then an option will appear to download your browser and the browser is based on Chromium, Chromium is an open source browser which can be modified as anyone wants it.

Okay, so now lets, get started!

1. Move to this website → and click Start now!


2. You'll get an option the give the browser your name and upload logo! and click Select Bookmarks

3. Set up your bookmarks and your homepage! and click Select Themes
4. Select the theme you want and check "I agree to the terms of use." and click finish and download.
5. Download it, Install it, and show off your own browser.


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