Thursday, January 9, 2014

Convert your Pendrive to HackDrive

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Pen-drive is awesome than you think, just you have to think another way to make it function much awesomely you can do certain things to expand the capabilities of your Flash or Pen Drive. i have also talked about "7 Pen Drive Tricks and Hacks" in past. but in this article i will teach you how to hack passwords using your pen drive.

actually i have created a small program that in that i have used certain programs for various things, before getting please go ahead and download this zip file!
now i will discuss the scope of the "HackDrive"
  • you will able to get the saved passwords in victim computer from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • as long as HackDrive is on the victims PC every thing he types on his keyboard will be recorded for example if Hackdrive is on the PC and the victim go ahead and open up facebook and type his email and password that will be recoreded
  • if in victim's pc he have allowed to view hidden files the program will change it to hide hidden files.
  • some of the antivirus may detect virus into your hackdrive, so make sure before you plug in your hackdrive you disable antivirus program.
now here is a small guide in which i will tell you how you will execute hackdrive into your victim's PC.
Step 1. Download zip file given above.
Step 2. Extract it to your Pen-Drive

Some of the files in zip achive is hidden so use extract all option for extracting to your pendrive!
Step 3. Plug your HackDrive into your victims PC.
Step 4. Open HackDrive and double click on run.bat
(as soon as you click on run.bat you will create a hidden file starting from logat which will have his saved passwords from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.)

Step 5. now you can plug out your hackdrive, but if you wish to continue capturing the keyboard strokes you can let the hackdrive plugged in and request your victim to open his Gmail or Facebook or whatsoever you want to have password.

 now let's retrieve password from your hackdrive

Step 1. Plug in your Hack drive back into your computer
Steps 2. Now you will see 4 additional files on your hackdrive. (c.tmp, i.tmp, f.tmp and a rich text file)

Step 3. open .tmp file with notepad c.tmp will contain all the user password save in chrome as well as i.tmp will contain passwords from internet explorer and f.tmp will contain firefox saved password and in rich text file will contain keyboard logs you can open that file with wordpad or microsoft word.
Volla! now you have got number of passwords from your victims PC.
if you are not able to understand that what i have done please leave a comment below i would love to help you out!

What's actually inside zip achive?
  1. ChromePass.exe  ~ used to extract out saved password from chrome link -
  2. iepv.exe ~ used to extract out internet explorer password from link -
  3. PasswordFox.exe ~ for firefox saved password link -
  4. sk.exe ~ shadow keylogger to log keystrokes link -
  5. config.xml ~ config file for shadow keylogger
  6. hide.vbs ~ a vbscript file to turn off show hidden files
  7. run.bat ~ to execute them all with some options
Some of the antivirus may detect virus in these files but they do not affect your computer in any way!


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