Monday, March 17, 2014

How to create android application (No Coding Required!)

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you need a android application for your business or your personal purposes? well back to the old days where you have to need to learn programming languages, like Java and XML. or to hire a developer who will develop a niche application but will cost you much! but not now, today we can just make an application using minimal computer knowledge by your own just you have to drag and drop stuff and tamper some of the values according to your preferences plus you don't need to download any of the software down to your computer because you already have the software which will help to make application (your browser), and guess what, it's totally FREE not talking much let me get straight to the thing!

well this awesome thing is a creation of MIT folks and the name of this online framework is App-inventor.

here is a some tutorials, just to get you a glimpse how far you can go by this online application.

without speaking much more about for this application i will just suggest you to go on app-inventor and get your hands dirty by following along the video and create something much awesome, and i would love to hear your own creations and reaction in the comment section below :)

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