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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property on Internet

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Intellectual property means the creations of the human mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images used for commercial purposes. From a legal point of view, intellectual property is protected, for example, by patents, copyright and trademarks, what allows people to become famous or get the financial benefit from the things they invented or created.
Establishing the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public, the intellectual property system contributes to the creation of the conditions for the prosperity of creativity and innovations.If earlier there has been the intellectual property of the things that were material, nowadays we have more cases of intellectual property violations because of the Internet. Works in electronic form, available in the digital network can be perceived by an unlimited range of users at any time at the request of each of them. The works that have an open access, once digitized and uploaded to the Internet, are an easy prey for copyright infringers. It is very dangerous, to create anything and leave it in the world network as you have to be aware of your own creations being assigned by someone else.

It is obvious that individual right holders are not able to track the spread of protected objects in digital networks and their use while creating the multimedia products. The right holders are practically deprived of the opportunity to defend their rights in the digital environment in the same ways as in the normal use of copyrighted objects. So, what should a right holder do in order to protect the works of his own creation and leave himself the author of the idea? Here are some ways of protecting the intellectual property
in the Internet.

● Under the sign ©
 The sign “Copyright” indicates that the product has an owner, and its use for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright holder or author is forbidden.

● Protect the name of the resource
It is possible, to protect the rights of your intellectual property in the form of a brand name, you have to register the trademark.

● Copyright of other types of intellectual property
On the Internet, you can also protect your texts, pictures, and photos. In order to do it, you have to transfer the scanned text or images to the deposition. The certificate of registration of rights that was obtained in the result of these actions will protect your rights online.

● Another nuance of the domain name protection
You can protect the domain name of your site by having registered the media. Thus, all the information found on the site can not be used by third party resources without reference.

● Terms of content usage
Be sure to provide the visitors of your web resource with the rules to use their Web resource with links to legislation. By following these simple rules, you will be able to fully protect your intellectual property from unscrupulous users.
Be creative; bring a lot of new and interesting to this world! However, remember that a number of people want to steal your ideas. Protect your intellectual property in time, and the success is waiting for you!

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